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We understand that launching a new business can be challenging, but Starting a business in Dubai is simple with IBEX Business Center LLC. We help you setup Mainland, Freezone & Offshore company in the UAE

Mainland Business Setup in Dubai

Our mainland business setup solution enables you to set up your company and trade freely in the UAE while maintaining 100% control of your business.
Steps to setup your mainland company in Dubai.

1- Select business activity- Our experts will help you for mainland company setup in Dubai, will advise you on the specific business activity or multiple business activities that are able to meet both, your current requirements and your future plans.

2. Finalize company structure- The most common structure to Setup a mainland business in the UAE is the safe and trusted vehicle of the Limited Liability Company (LLC), but there are other options too.
-Sole establishment.
-Civil Company
-Private limited company (PLC)
-Public joint stock company (PJSC) etc.

3- Register trade name- You can shortlist trade names that reflect the nature of your business, and our team will check it’s availability and secure it’s registration. When approved, the trade name will be followed by the acronym of your legal structure, ex: LLC

4- Get Approvals- We will assign you a company formation specialist who will do all the paperwork and complete all the processes to get you the Initial Approval. This early approval is an essential for almost all further steps towards setting up a mainland company in the UAE.

5- Confirm workspace- You may have a preference about where your new office needs to be located, but if you are unsure we also have offices available on rental basis.
Types of offices available with us are:
– Virtual Office
– Fully Furnished Private Office
– Flexi-Desk Office
– Co-Working Space
Each catering to specific needs and budget.

6- Comply with labour rules- Our immigration team will handle everything on your behalf, opening an official governmental file, processing your Establishment Card, applying for the required number of employment and/or residence visas for members of staff and family.

7- Open bank account- Opening a corporate bank account is a vital part of UAE mainland company formation.
Businesses are legally required to separate personal and professional funds.

Freezone Business Setup

IBEX Business Center LLC assists you with incorporating your company across all the free zones in the UAE.
Steps to setup your Freezone company in Dubai.

1- Choose your business activity- We help you decide your business activities & visa requirements, which best suits your business.

2- Finalise your company name- Make sure your company name is clear to register. We also help you choose an suitable alternative.

3- Finalise your paperwork- We finalise the paperwork registeration before managing your license process with the government.

4- Receive your license- Once the process is complete you will be contacted to pick up your registered license.

5- Process your Visa- We will guide you through the process of acquiring your visa.

6- Process your business immigration card- We will apply for your immigration card via the immigration authority.

7- Open a bank account- We will introduce you to our specialists who will advice on the tops banks in the UAE.

Offshore Business Setup

IBEX Business Center LLC assists investors looking at offshore company registration in the UAE.
Steps to setup your Offshore company in Dubai.

1- Select a Company Name- The name of the company must be initially verified with the Registrar.

2- Fill an Application-
-Identity proof of the shareholders and directors
-Address proof of the shareholders and directors
-CV of the shareholders and directors
-Well-drafted business plan
-Photocopies of the shareholders and directors
The document submission differs between the individuals and the corporate business entities.

3- Submission of the Concerned Documents- After collecting the respective documents, it needs to be submitted to the concerned authorities who will review the same and issue the relevant approvals.

4- Draft the MOA and AOA- The Memorandum of Association (MOA) and the Articles of Association (AOA) are to be drafted in the English language, which is practical for international business. The documents are reviewed by the authority; upon approval, you can officially start your company.

5- Open an Offshore Bank Account- The final move is to open an offshore bank account, which helps the business owners to carry out the business transactions at ease.

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